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Welcome to the Pioneer Region

Adult Membership

Adult membership must be purchased to participate in USAV sanctioned events, including club try-outs.

Please Note that membership is non-refundable.

DUAL ROLES – ADULT MEMBERS: If you have more than one role in Pioneer Region (i.e. a coach and/or an official), you do not need an additional membership if you are looking to play at Adults OPEN Nationals or other adult tournaments.
When you get to the checkout page, you will see two “transactions” that equal the total membership price. One transaction represents the fees going to Pioneer Region, and the other represents the fees going to USAV. This is different from past seasons. You’ll still be charged the same amount – you’re just going to see an itemized breakdown. You may also see two separate charges (totaling the amount of your membership) on a credit card statement.

After a membership is purchased, you will receive an email outlining the additional steps necessary to become eligible to participate.

To view your membership on SportsEngine after you have completed the process.

  • Once logged in on your homepage, on the left hand side when viewing the website on a desktop, select Household.

  • Once clicked, the page will update and you will see a box with your name and a ribbon on it that says “me” select that.

  • The screen will now show all of your profile information in the box along with your USA Volleyball and Pioneer Region Membership and ID Number.

  • You can edit the Information under Profile Information (address, email, name etc) but any of those changes will not be reflected on your USAV Card

  • Your USA Volleyball and Pioneer Region Card show your USAV # that is unique to every player.

  • If you need to edit the information on your USAV Card, you will need to click on the View Details text on the Box with the Card, and then on the next screen select the “…” image to start an email with your name and email address. This is how you would need to update your name if it Legally was changed.

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